Which Parasite Prevention Products Do You Need for Your Pet?

Which Parasite Prevention Products Do You Need for Your Pet?

Let the team at Wise Choice Animal Hospital in Shreveport, LA help you decide

Parasite prevention is one of the best protective measures you take to ensure the health of your pet. That’s why Wise Choice Animal Hospital provides a comprehensive assortment of products to keep fleas, ticks and other harmful creatures away. You won’t have to worry about expensive flea baths once your pets have had proper preventive treatment.

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Our veterinary clinic has everything your pet needs

Wise Choice Animal Hospital carries proven-effective products to keep invasive vermin away from your pet, including:

  • Trifexis – We can mix this chewable pill with food to prevent heartworms, fleas and intestinal parasites on a monthly basis.
  • ProHeart – This injection provides six months of protection against heartworms.
  • Heartgard – You don’t even have to mix this in with food. Most pets accept this chewable medicine like a treat. This provides monthly protection against heartworms and intestinal parasites.
  • Sentinel Spectrum – Another chewable medicine that provides monthly heartworm, flea and intestinal parasite protection.
  • Comfortis – This is the first FDA-approved beef-flavored chewable that provides monthly flea prevention and elimination.
  • Nexgard – Another delicious chewable your pet can take every month to prevent fleas and ticks.
  • Vectra 3d – This medicine prevents topical fleas and ticks on a monthly basis in dogs and puppies over seven weeks old.

Don’t let fleas and parasites bring harm to your pets. Take the initiative to protect them with effective treatment.

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